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DIY Autumn Leaf Wreath


  • 1 vine wreath
  • 10-15 branches beech leaves ideally in a range of autumn colours
  • 5 Ferns spronds
  • 3 sprigs preserved rosehips
  • 5-7 dried flowers/seed pods like poppies/astrantia/hydrangea/grasses/hops
  • 1 reel floristry wire
  • 1 ball twine


  • Cut your beech branches to the desired length and start to attach them in an anticlockwise direction to the vine base using floristry wire. Don't cut the wire just keep wrapping it around the branch stems to secure them to the base. Keep going round with the wire in the same direction so as not to tangle it up
  • Repeat this step going around the vine ensuring the branches feather out from the circle. I also added some ferns every so often to create a feathery texture.
  • Once you have gone all the way around the wreath wrap the wire a few times around before cutting it and tucking the end in underneath
  • Now your leaves are attached you can start to add in your extra items like dried seed pods, berries, grasses and dried flower heads. Every so often tie in these items to the vine base using a little twine
  • Don't worry about keeping things too neat - I like asymmetry and some wonkiness which mimics nature more closely and makes your finished wreath feel more natural
  • Cut a little twine, calico or ribbon and attach each end to the top of the wreath for hanging